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Re: [opensuse] Can't use mail - 12.1
phanisvara das said the following on 11/24/2011 10:41 AM:
none of the network services start (sshd, smb, nmb, postfix) unless i
manually restart "systemctl restart network.service" after booting

I'm staying away from 12.1 until its stabilized :-(

However I do have a running Redhat Fedora 15 and SystemD is stable and
working there. All the network services start OK "out of the box"

I mention this since the reason for network services no starting at book
might be a missing dependency. Just a though. Logs ought to show this.

Perhaps someone with time and machine to spare could do a side-by-side
of F15 and 12.1 in this respect...

I don't understand systemD fully yet, but I do recall reading that the
start scripts need to be in the right directory and that the
dependencies need to be correct. Perhaps one or the other is absent.
There a systemd.config somewhere under /etc and you can turn on/up
logging and stuff.

There is a tool, systemadm, a GUI, which makes it easy to navigate all
this. I don't grok that yet, but its there. Is it available for 12.1?

There is also a PAM for postfix on F-15. Do check that on 12.1

For me, grub2 and SystemD, in so far as I've ventured into them on F-15
have been successful and delightful. I look forward to openSuse 12.4

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