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Re: [opensuse] Bizarre sound issue with Creative Labs SB0400 Audigy2 Value using IEC958 Digital Stereo
On Wednesday, November 23, 2011 19:18 Roger Luedecke wrote:

It was working perfectly, better than in 11.4 which was still glitchy and
suddenly its acting worse than before. I made a forum post, but am out of
ideas for finding out how to debug it. The link will show you what the
issue is and what I have done so far.

Wish I could help, but I'm on 11.3 (hating that I left 10.3!) and not using
pulseaudio crap. When it self-installed during my 11.3 installation, it was
garbage and
the sound either sucked or plain didn't work at times (and I've got an old
SoundBlaster Live 5.1 and some extremely nice Logitech Z680 speakers that
literally rattle
the windows at only half volume!). Luckily in 11.3 I was able to rid myself of
abortion called Pulseaudio and get back to ALSA. It only reminded me of how
they keep
'fixing what ain't broke' and making people be the guinea pigs for experimental
without the ability to *disable/delete* said experimental garbage and go back
to what

The strangest thing though about your post...until about a week ago, suddenly
and out of
the blue, I turn on some music on my system and my speakers sound extremely
fuzzy and just
awful. No amount of fiddling with *anything* fixed it. This lasted for about 2
weeks. I
tried installing, uninstalling soundcard in YaST and even trying removing the
card itself
from the pci slot on the MoBo and booting up, etc...nothing helped. I even
booted up the
W2K partition (that I used strictly for a couple of archaic games I have
(Warcraft III and
Diablo II and its expansion set) as I can't afford anything new. The M$
partition sounded
not quite as bad, but was still bad! I thought it was my speakers also and
wanted to cry
as they're expensive and I got them very, very cheap because they were a store
exhibit and
the screen on the sub-woofer is bashed in a bit. Then as I said, about a week
ago the
'fuzzy' sound began to get weaker and weaker and now everything is back to

Maybe it's Big Brother. Maybe it's aliens messing with us. Maybe it's the spew
from the
OWS and Al Gore's mouth. With any luck, you'll get yours worked out soon, but
if it was me
and this had lasted much longer, I'd degrade and go back to a version of suse
that worked
well...I gotta have my music or the computer's almost useless to me!

Good luck with it bud.

Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever
conceived. -Isaac Asimov
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