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Re: [opensuse] Kdegames3-board and 12.1
On 24/11/11 12:36, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Basil Chupin<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [11-23-11 20:21]:
On 24/11/11 01:49, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Basil Chupin<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [11-23-11 01:23]:
Kdegames3-board contains backgammon which I enjoy playing. I am
running 12.1 with KDE4.7.3.

The name 'kdegames3' is rather confusing: is this rpm only to be used
with KDE3 or will it install and the games play under KDE4.7.x?
You can determine this yourself: rpm -q --requires kdegames3

kdebase3-runtime vs kdebase4-runtime
Thanks for this, Patrick, but when I try this I get the response,
"kdegames3 is not installed" - which means that you have
kdegames3-<whatever> installed :-) .
it would mean that kdegames3 is *not* installed as it says

So I will go ahead and install kdegames-card and if it all goes wrong
20:26 Crash: ~> cnf kbackgammon

The program 'kbackgammon' can be found in the following package:
* kdegames3-board [ path: /opt/kde3/bin/kbackgammon, repository: zypp
(repo-oss) ]

Try installing with: sudo zypper install kdegames3-board

Thanks, Patrick.

Shall attempt to do so ASAP.

zypper -v in kdegames3-board does not load kdelibs3.... so you should be
good to go. There aren't any install packages for kdegames4, only src
rpms, but you might try building one

rpmbuild -bi /<path>/<to>/kdegames4....src.rpm

Unfortunately, the only src.rpm file I found is one which is 60MB big and it seems to contain ALL the kde games and not the *-card or *-board ones separately.

Anyway, I did download this 60MB src file and applied the rpmbuild to it (BTW, I think it should be "-ti" and not "bi" in this instance); anyway, I got an error message which stated that the spec file is not a spec file...and therefore nothing got rpm built :-( .

I'll have Guido call on you late at night :-D .
Ok, won't feed the dog and shotgun is loaded ..^&



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