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Re: [opensuse] best practices? setting up simple opensuse for newbie (sudo/kdesu and passwords, autoupdates)
On Tue, 2011-11-22 at 09:47 -0500, Anton Aylward wrote:
cagsm said the following on 11/22/2011 06:07 AM:
i thought about sudo and kdesu
It sounds like you have realistic concerns about security.
I would advise one of the following.
1. Don't be obsessively concerned about updates.
This isn't MS-Windows. If you are running the firewall
then Linux, ipso facto, overcomes the greatest problem home
MS-Windows has, that a regular user has admin power and so
can be conned into installing malware.
If you think it matters, visit the user and do the update yourself.


I'm a professional sys-admin; other then after initially installing a
new release I update at most once a month. I pick a time when I don't
*NEED* my computer to work for a day and I perform updates. That way if
things break I have an opportunity to address the issue. There is very
rarely a need to jump on an update - a scary issue will usually make the
'news' on sites like LWN [or better you can track security issues via
RSS from various sites].

In the case of a new release it is usually a good idea to closely track
updates for a few weeks - as these are often closing bugs and fixing
issues at a rapid clip. Later updates are often more boring and
frequently about obscure security issues - security issues are often
related to *if* you use a component/service as well as *how* you use it.

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