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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird loses icon on panel - openSUSE 12.1
On 22/11/11 23:36, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
Am 22.11.2011 13:28, schrieb Basil Chupin:
Look at this whole thing from the user's perspective.

A user is running opensuse 11.4 and he has both TB and FF versions 8.x
running which were installed by 11.4's updating schemes - either Yast or

He then installs the new all-singing, all-dancing, you-beaut
*"unleashed"* opensuse 12.1 but......there is a regression in this very
latest *"unleashed"* release in that it only has outdated version of
both TB and FF.

Religiously running zypper refresh/patch/up each morning with the
correct OBS repo (Mozilla) selected does not update TB and FF to what he
had in 11.4. He then reads a post stating that both FF and TB v8 for
12.1 are "coming real soon now" and when nothing happens during the
daily zypper exercise he asked the question. He gets an answer. But
still nothing happens when he runs zypper refresh/patch/up. Then the
idea comes to mind that perhaps doing a zypper dup --from - which is
something he never had to do when using 11.4 - may do the trick and, it
so happens, it does do the trick and he now gets v8 of TB and FF. He
then makes the comment which is appropriate and relevant to the situation.
But there somewhere is an error in your perspective.
11.4 behaves the very same way with vendor changes as 12.1 does.
There is no difference between them. So your theory is broken.

The issue is that the Firefox and Thunderbird 8 releases were actually
done like one day before the gold master of 12.1. It was too late to put
them into the GA version and because of the release stuff it also is
delayed compared to 11.4. That's just a technical detail. The other
option would have been not to update Firefox in 11.4 when it was ready
for it.


You runs 'zypper up' and its tells ya that there is an update to Firefox and Thunderbird so ya tells it to do the update. Ya don't sit there and think, "What may happen in 12.1 when I installs it: will it have v8 or won'ts it? Does I ignore wot zypper is telling me in case I falls fowl of what may happen if I's ask a question later when I''s installs 12.1?" :-) .

But perhaps I misunderstand what you are saying.....which is likely.



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