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Re: [opensuse] Re: Aisleriot Freecell and Solitaire will not run in 12.1
On 21/11/11 00:27, Malcolm wrote:
On Sun, 20 Nov 2011 17:20:12 +1100
Basil Chupin<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Both Freecell and Solitaire are part of the Aisleriot package of
games which are really for Gnome. However, I have been successfully
running them for years under KDE[#] - until 12.1 :-( . I am not
interested in Solitaire but I enjoy playing Freecell.

Does anybody know, please, why Freecell, for one, will not run in
12.1 even though it installs successfully and without any dependency

Perhaps there is a version of Freecell for KDE (and NOT the one in
kpat, thanks, which I consider to be primitive) which is not part of
Aisleriot package? Anybody know?

[#] I am using KDE 4.7.3 (but it won't run even under the default KDE
which comes with 12.1) and kernel 3.1.1 on a 32-bit system.


I have a maintenance update in for this, have you installed guile (a
missing requires)?

From the command line: sol --freecell or sol --name=freecell works for me on

Hi Malcolm,

No I didn't know that quile was required and didn't have it installed. I have now installed it and...... I get an error message whenever I try to move a card, "A Scheme exception occurred. Please report bug to the developers" and when I click on Report nothing happens :-( .

But now that you have advised that you have an update in the pipeline I now live in hope and anticipation :-) . When do you think the "fix" will become reality?


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