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Re: [opensuse] Need help with console font settings
Am 20.11.2011 02:09, schrieb Andreas:
I need help with console font settings.
I installed a minimal textmode pattern of OpenSuse 12.1.
Now the line-characters of yast and mc look all messed up.

On the other hand when I login by ssh and do "export TERM=linux" everthing is OK.
The ssh-client is set to TERM=linux, too and as "remote character set" set to UTF8.

When I login locally "TERM=linux" doesn't help.
I suspect yast and mc use UTF8 line characters but the console is set to LATIN1 or something like that.

How can I set up the console charset to look usable?

After some googling I found a handfull of references to the same problem but no real solution.
There were hints for /etc/sysconfig/console but I compared it against the same file on an Suse12.1 that has the more extended desktop selection of packets. The 2 files are identical.

Then I did setfont -O , setfont -ou , setfont -om on both machines and found the sizes of the 3 outputs to be different.
Next I copied those files from the desktop-machine to the textmode-machine and did a:
setfont -m with the output of the desktop-machine.
After that the textmode machine's console looked OK.

How can I setup the unicode-translation like the desktop-box as it is obviously different in the minimal-setup?
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