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Re: [opensuse] Remote login - openSUSE 12.1
James Knott said the following on 11/17/2011 08:40 PM:
Chuck Payne wrote:
I notice that during the beta it was remove. I think it because of the
move to Gnome 3, I think if you look at Fedora 15 above XDMCP is
missing from them. Try do a search on XDMCP, GDM3 and KDM4.

I use KDE. The option is there, it just doesn't work. When you open
Remote Login, a list of available systems is listed, but as soon as you
try to select one, the panel disappears and you're back at the login
screen. It worked in 11.4, which also used KDE4.

I disagree. What you describe is how it always worked for me - the list
disappeared and back at the login.

If you check the archives you'll see I asked about setting up XCMCP
earlier this year since I was very confused by the different ways
Mandriva, Redhat and Suse seem to want to make this work, all with
different config files and not always in the kdmrc. I would have
appreciated your help since you seem to have had it working on 11.4.
Its no longer an issue, but what you describe is what I saw with 11.4.
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