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Re: [opensuse] 12.1...., nope!
Linux Tyro said the following on 11/16/2011 12:46 PM:

* Don't think that a user contributed entry in, for example, Wikipedia,
is 100% correct and authoritative.

Oh I see, it may have errors then.... , it could be.. since it also
has an option of 'edit'....

I have a friend who is famous enough to have a Wikipedia page.
It was created by a lady he has never met and who won't enter into a
dialogue with him about the page and the information she has entered
there. In broad-brush terms three is correct information, such a one
might find on the jacket of books he has written and the "bio" handed
out at conferences where he has been a speaker, but she had added a
great deal of detail with no source that is totally wrong. Much of this
can be proven wrong by documented details (e.g. bank records, travel
records) and my fiend has re-edited the page correcting this material.
However the woman restores the erroneous information.

Anyone can edit that page. I could, you could. Wikipedia doesn't care
either way. Nothing she has entered is slanderous or libellous.

From Google's point of view its just another page to index. Just like
the pages about "flat earth" and the "Flying Spaghetti Monster". As
far as google is concerned Pastafarianism is just as valid as Conversion
Therapy, Lutheranism, Buddhism, Creationism, Pyramidology, Phrenology,
Relativity, The Bermuda Triangle, Sociobiology, The Germ Theory of
Disease, The War on Terror, Lysenkoism, Healing by Touch, Global
Warming, Ghosts, Quantum Electrodynamics, Transubstantiation,
vonDänikenism, Dianetics, Plate Tectonics, The Moon Landing Hoax, and
much more.

You are expected to exercise judgement and common sense and evaluate
their validity to your situation.

This doesn't mean google (or wikipedia) is useless, far from it.
Everyone and anyone can have their say, and much of that say doesn't
necessarily take your situation into account. ]

I'm well known in various forums for pointing out ...

Context is Everything

Context also means thinking about what risks you can take.

Many people here have a different risk risk tolerance from you, Tyro.
You were concerned about the risk of getting things wrong when you were
partitioning your disk for Suse; you've displayed concern about which
distribution of Linux to use. This is addressing the risk/benefit of
dealing with alternatives.

Some of us have spare machines that we can afford to "loose", to wipe
and try alternatives. Oh, and the time. To say nothing for the
experience in determining why various problems have arisen (even if we
have to google for them or search the archives for past mention since
some problems are of a "Class" or recur in detail). All this is
factored into "risk".

And on the befit side, if you are still learning, if you can't yet
differentiate between a bug and a problem in your understanding or a
shortcoming in your experience, where does the benefit to you of
something like 12.1 really lie?

You need to make the effort to evaluate not just what you find via
google and its relevance to you, but also the go/no-go here.

Personally, I have a policy of never using the first release of any
software product. In fact "don't use version 1" is an aphorism in the

Never criticise somebody until you have walked a mile in their shoes.
That way, they're a mile away, and you have their shoes.
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