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Re: [opensuse] samba and StartTLS [SOLVED]
John Andersen [14.11.2011 21:20]:

I propose it often, and have sold more than a few SLES licenses in
my day job. Since way back in the SLES 9 days, I've seen no other distro
that integrated ldap so well into the entire installation.

You're very right about LDAP integration. At our office, we have to
recommend Ubuntu as desktop Linux, and it's a hassle to find out which
config to store where, especially when packages change their config
without further notice (like, from /etc/ldap.conf to
/etc/ldap/ldap.conf). The SUSE family is very comfortable to configure
via YaST, and you can still search afterwards where your changes went
;-) and make them scriptable.

A few clicks and a server's name - and LDAP auth works. Needed
additional packages are installed automatically. Compared to *buntu -
wow! I know why I love SUSE :-)

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