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Re: [opensuse] starting for encyption
Linux Tyro said the following on 11/09/2011 11:31 AM:

it is
not like that everything in GUI is ready to be used - perhaps bad part
of Linux.

Try reading "In the beginning was the command line", or better still the
annotated version at

Tell that to the small-business IT guy who plugs the network cable into
the back of his freshly installed Windows XP box, only to have it
infected with a virus in less than 20 seconds. Or the publishing house
that spent ten thousand dollars upgrading Word, only to discover that
their documents now looked like garbage to every editor and author they
worked with. "Poorly considered and self-defeating" could just as easily
describe the actions of a Microsoft customer.

Yes, and the GUI changes with each release of Windows.
With Linux you lean the principles and patterns can can apply them not
only across releases from one vendor, but across vendors, across desktop
managers and even to non-Linux systems such as AIX, Solaris and HP/UX.
And if you find an antique like SCO UNIX you won't be baffled!
So changing GUI, be it from KDE to XFCE to E17 isn't going to stop you.
You may _prefer_ one or the other, but that a matter of YOUR choice,
just like the colour and style and position of your living room couch or
the music you listen to or what you have for dinner is a choice.
Microsoft may give the impression of a choice because you can change the
colour of your windows background, but that's not really choosing
something fundamental.

The Internet is not the greatest threat to information security;
stupidity is the greatest threat to information security.
- Will Spencer <will.spencer@xxxxxxx>
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