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Re: [opensuse] starting for encyption
Linux Tyro said the following on 11/09/2011 08:51 AM:

From where can i start knowing about the ecryption.

By that I mean:

1. I just want to encrypt the login password...(have heard that it is
good for security)

If you read the docs you'd see that passwords *ARE* encrypted.
They always have been.

If you run 'apropos password'
you can see all the man pages relating to passwords
Try reading the one on 'shadow'.

You could also have googled for 'Linux password'

2. For files and folders.

Again, go google for 'Linux encrypt file' and 'Linux encrypt folders'.
The results will tell you in great detail how to go about it.

The books and e-books that have already been mentioned in replies to
your previous questions have section on this as well.

Using this forum as a crutch for basic questions may get you answers
fast, but it means you are not going to learn very well. If you worked
your way though those books and e-books and the articles you find
googling you will learn more about the why and wherefore of these
matters and a lot of supporting and context information that direct
answers to your questions here won't give you.

The two pillars of `political correctness' are,
a) willful ignorance, and
b) a steadfast refusal to face the truth
-- George MacDonald Fraser
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