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Re: [opensuse] Moonlight


I had similar issues with other add ons, I solved the problems changing
the compatibility version directly into the .xpi files

You should read that

It explains how to change the compatibility of an add on.

Hope it will fix your problem

Best regards,

Pierre Barberi

On Sun, 06 Nov 2011 22:35:25 +0100, Hans Witvliet wrote:

Hi all,

Got a awkward dillema, perhaps someone knows a good solution.
Last couple of years i tried to rais my kids in an "open" mindset.
For doing their home works (making stories, presentations etc) that was
no big deal: If you have to learn to use a office suite, why not start
with openoffice?
When they got cdroms from school, it got a bit harder, but most of them
were working on top of wine.

However, my eldest moved to secondary school, where they are using a
pupil-following system, called "magister". It is drenched with microsoft
hooks so it seems. Firstly when you go to the website it asks for
Silverlight. Surprisingly, i got automatically redirected to the
moonlight website.
Here i can download their latest version (version four-R.C.) but as they
themselves say: it works with firefox-3 and firefox-4.

Latest releases of the distro/or their updates ship firefox-7.

Any chance of ever seeing a update of Moonlight????
afaics does a downgrade of firefox me no good.

btw, The offending school website is [1]

The mere fact that i'm forced to buy/install Windows, only for checking
my kids homework and schoolresults is an utter nightmare scenario and
driving nuts.


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