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Re: [opensuse] Post installation queries (FIRST successful installation of Linux)
Linux Tyro said the following on 11/05/2011 08:35 AM:
So if the above user is created (after getting created, when I don't
get the above error), this user 'linuxtyro' would have the same
privileges like that of the user 'linuxworld' (created during the
installation), is it like this....? Since it is also of the group
'wheel', the users of which have the power to run 'sudo' without being
offered a root password and switching to su doesn't prompt password
for them (after resolving that error too)...?

It may be clear to you what you're asking but not to me.
You seem to be conflating a number of ideas.

Users are different; they have different uids.
That the whole point of different users, not just putting them in
different home directories. They have different IDs so they can own
their own files. One cannot, unless permission is granted, red or
modify the files of the other. So no, they don't have the same privileged.

You seem very, very, confused about what a group is.
The semantics are much the same as in English.
Users belong to groups, it is a way of associating them.
Groups do not 'own' anything.
It is a mechanism for sharing.

If two or more users belong to the "projectone" group they can share
files to the exclusion of the the members of the "projecttwo" group.
Despite that, one user might belong to both groups and be able to access
both sets of files.

Its about access control.

Please read a basic text, one of the books, e-books or an article on the
principles of access control under Linux you can find by googling.
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