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Re: [opensuse] Post installation queries (FIRST successful installation of Linux)
Linux Tyro said the following on 11/05/2011 06:26 AM:
This means that, group 'user' has its files different from every one
and only that 'tyro' (and the root, of course) could see (since it had
been of group 'tyro'), is it like that...?

You seem confused., that wording is ....

Users and groups are mapped to access.
It's about access permissions.

Users belong to groups; users can belong to more than one group.
Groups don't "own" files; users own files.

Files have access permissions - which user owns them.
Groups are not a way of classifying or categorising files; we don't
groups and associate files by group. The 'groups' is a sharing
mechanism. Its about access control.

I strongly suggest you read the relevant sections of the books and
ebooks you've been referred to. That will go into matters in more depth
and cross reference to other sections of the book about command for
altering a files groups, permissions, a users groups and permission, and

This forum is not meant to be a substitute for a text book about the
fundamentals of Linux. Please download the e-books that have been
mentioned and study them or get a book on Linux fundamentals from
Amazon/Chapters/Barnes or your local library.

Telling the future by looking at the past assumes that conditions
remain constant. This is like driving a car by looking in the
rear view mirror.
- Herb Brody
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