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Re: [opensuse] Re: c - Segmentation fault on 11.4 - need help figuring out (strtod?)

On Thu, 03 Nov 2011, Greg Freemyer wrote:
On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 1:02 PM, David Haller <dnh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Someone, probably David C. R. here recently asked for that. Thus:
Are you (or anyone else) planning to push calc to a devel project and
then to factory.

Seems like a nice tool but I'm trying to stick to packages I can push
via security. It gets to be a pain when I have packages I want to
work together spread around various devel projects.

'Twas an ad-hoc package, so, I need feedback! calc seems mature and
builds cleanly, so I see no reason why not to push it towards Factory.

As an aside, I don't have the need, as I use bc, but I'm always up for
packaging a mature program which just suits someone better.

I'd be willing to "maintain" the package except for looking for new
releases / bugfix releases[1]. I just don't have the time to look. So,
if you are willing to notify me of new releases / security related
problems / patches etc., I'd be willing.

Oh, I also am willing to share the duty and make you and dcr
maintainers, and coach you along if it's not a simple version update
of e.g. "make '.4' a '.5'" in one single place in the .spec ;)

You'd be surprised how much simple, tedious work is needed to keep a
package "up-to-date" once you have a working .spec. I'd say (with
exceptions): >>95% is to keep an eye out for security/bug-issues or
feature releases, both of which you can usually just "drop in" by
simply changing the "version" in the .spec and maybe adapt some
filename or so (but that should be a marco e.g. the soname of a lib).
Or add the patch.

Trouble is, when the "how to build" of a package changes. It's not
often. But when you grab a new package or a package changes the build
system, or the architecture of stuff, that's when there's major work
on a .spec needed.


[1] well, I might, at random

Sir, I think you have a problem with your brain being missing.
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