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[opensuse] Post installation queries (FIRST successful installation of Linux)

I am very glad to say that I have installed openSUSE 11.4 finally and
with it, I am glad that I have done it (the first Linux installation).
Wow, it looks pretty cute, nice display. openSUSE is good but there
are some issues which I definitely would be facing. Step by step I am
writing it below. But before that I would thank to the creators and
developers of openSUSE.

1. My printer Samsung ML-1610, was not detected (still not getting
detected) and I am not able to take the prints.. What should I do?
When to Yast and tried for detection but that doesn't help..

2. Just after the installation, music player was not working, however,
I just opened the file 'codecs-kde.ymp' (after downloading it) and it
said me some warnings like that of some other repositories....(looked
to me as if it is like that....), like 'pacman' or something else and
it WARNED me that 'it could crash your system' BUT I just accepted
that (I cannot live without music!) and I guess openSUSE is made by so
skilled persons, why not to accept that warning, I did that....Now the
music is working (amarok, etc...) But is it dangerous (that something
like ...'pacman' and it was directly importing some keys
from their (I don't know for which keys it warned me...). So was it

3. I created one user during installation and gave its password. Now,
is this user [which has system administrative privileges (was written
underneath the user when I created it)] having some sort of root
powers ... or that is different? Since when I go to yast, it says me
to enter the root password and I only enter the password of this
created user (with which I log-in too) and yast works, so by default
that is the password of root also? Or different (since I didn't set
the root password and it is accepting that password..!). Or could root
password be set separately..?

4. After the live CD installation (KDE, x86_64), when I opened the
Yast, it automatically was downloading files, so is it always safe
that it downloads all those files (I don't know what exactly those all
files and stuff...) it download and uses it.

5. When I opened the Firefox, it is saying its version is '4.0b12', so
it is not stable, it may have some bug remaining (what I came to
know...) so how could I do it (or make it) remain the stable Firefox
version....Since I read (somewhere) that 'b' and 'alpha' releases are
development releases and not stable, so they may have some sort of

The only thing with me is of 'less time'.

Though it took a little bit time to boot but it really doesn't matter
for me. It looks great. I hope it would be good for me in the long

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