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Re: [opensuse] Basic learning tutorials query
  • From: "LLLActive@xxxxxxx" <LLLActive@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2011 15:43:35 +0100
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On 01/11/11 15:33, Linux Tyro wrote:

THE dvd installation would be completed in two-three days, but again I
guess I should have waited, as newer version is coming soon. BUT its,
okay for now.

AAMOF, I would be required to read some basic tutorials regarding
Linux (of course) which are applicable in openSUSE (I mean the
principles of which). For this, is there any link on the openSUSE
website(s) to get/learn that all...? But please, I don't need the one
like 'Installation book' or guide of 11.4. AFAIK, these are readily
available. But what I wanted to know like:

how Linux (in fact, 'openSUSE' works), what is directory structure and
how it is working, how various tasks are handles in Linux,
etc...etc... but from the scratch level.


I started "playing" Linux when SlackWare came out in the 1990's, then dropped it because of work load. Early 2004 I started with SuSE Linux 9.x as I was working in a German company at the time. I guessed using a German distro would provide good German documentation, which was actually good for beginners then. It was a steep learning curve coming from Win2K. I used it at work and at home, spending unending hours figuring out what to do. This way is for the enthusiast and power user. This list is excellent for that.

I have a more basic problem.

I have converted a few friend's systems to Ubuntu at first, because of it's usability for ex-Win users, and some good support by their community for migrates from Win. The converts are all quite happy using the openOffice and Internet tools, because they do not use games and some win locked products. Then new users wanted Netbooks with Linux. I managed to put an Ubuntu Desktop on top of an openSUSE 10.x. But since then I only use openSUSE, and depending on the user use either Gnome or KDE. I looked around and found little in the line of basic books for beginners to use e.g. openSUSE 11.x with KDE 4 and Gnome Desktops. The basics of how to use programmes and so on. The book "Running Linux" suggested here is far too advanced for novice users. They want to read how to write documents, save them where, send e-mails and watch DVD's on the system etc. I have seen some magazine type of booklets when a new version of a distro comes out in Germany, but does anyone know of good absolute beginner desktop users 'booklets'? Best would be PDF's that could be printed and maybe also being available in print. I could teach them all how to use openSUSE Desktops on Linux, but I do not have the time for that. Can anyone recommend a publisher or series that regularly issue such basic books in English, and maybe translations in German and Dutch?

I have tried suggestions to use the LDP (, but most say that is too much and overwhelming. They want a users manual like the one thy get with their TV and DVD to use the remote etc. It must also address the specific distro's exact desktop they see before them. They are also mainly graphically oriented, i.e. they want a picture-by-picture type of presentation. It is the only way to get openSUSE and Linux desktop usable in the PC market. I have done some basic tutorials with screen shots about Thunderbird and and such apps, but a community project could be one way to do it for a whole distro. Are there such attempts yet?


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