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Re: Re: [opensuse] KMail2 eats my new messages.
On Sunday, October 30, 2011 03:34:24 PM Will Stephenson wrote:
On Sunday 30 Oct 2011 16:46:25 Constant Brouerius van Nidek
wrote:> > Since today a half way normal functioning from my
kmail> > makes it possible> > to read messages in the inbox and other
folders but I found
out that not> > all messages were sorted into their designated
Just three mails from the suse list showed in the inbox and
were then> > filtered into the suse folder, at least that is
what i
thought. They are> > not there but if I go to the inbox with
midnight commander
those suse> > mails
are in the new list together with a mail which I have read.
At the same time synchronizing the inbox folder takes very
long.> > The functioning of my kmail today started after I
e,tied> > 161 messages in> > new, all messages which I already read and
Is there something broken with the message filtering?

There are a few reports but none which matches yours.>>






What kind of mail account are you receiving from, and can you
describe the> filters you have set up so we can try to reproduce

Dear Will,
I receive my mail via POP3 from a local ISP and two gmail
accounts. The email isreceived in 20 to 40 minute intervals.
Since my problems began I have stopped my kmail regular and
have looked at myemail accounts via webmail. This in order to
compare what comes
in as Iotherwise do not know what is lost ;).
This email and six others where nicely waiting at my ISP
account. And they werereceived without a hitch and transferred to
my suse folder.

In my filter for the suse folder I try to catch all suse
emails. Under the nameopensuse I have entered under General filter
criteria "match
any of thefollowing" To contains and CC contains .Under filter action "Move Into Folder" KMail
Under the advanced options I have ticked four choices: Apply
this filter toincoming messages, From all accounts, apply on
manual filtering
and if thisfilter matches stop processing here.

If you need more details or the complete filter or other parts
of my kmail2,just tell me.

PS. Did a normal reply and after finishing this mail did not
get out and I was surprised with the information:
There were problems trying to queue the message for sending:
Append failed.I just copied the contents of my reply from the
draft box where
I saved the mail and send this via webmail.


Just restarted kmail and have to wait wait and wait because
kmail is synchronizing the inbox folder ad infinitum.Went with midnight
commander to the inbox file and under /new
are 7 messages which have been downloaded before, including a
mail from root. The inbox in kmail is empty, nothing shows.Have the feeling
that kmail does not clean up filtered messages
from the inbox new and consequently synchronizes until I decide
to remove the contents and restart kmail.Reading and sending mail becomes
problematic, reason why I use
webmail again.
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