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Re: [opensuse] small installation help
Carlos E. R. said the following on 10/30/2011 08:10 PM:

On Monday, 2011-10-31 at 05:05 +0530, Linux Tyro wrote:

separate for root (/) and home (/home), is good (as you all say), but
separate for each like /boot, /tmp, /usr, ... should be done like

Just separate root, home, and swap. Don't overcomplicate yourself.

Having a /tmp isn't complicating things and if you have runaways you
don't want them consuming all of the partition the system is on.

Okay, installer is smart enough to know all this things, and I would
go with the default options only,

The installer does not always generate the best proposal for your needs.
You have to use your judgement.

Too right!
It might make since for a very small drive, less than 50G say, but if
you accept it allocating all of the space available on your 250G then
you will end up frustrated and redo the installation in a few days or
weeks, and may even end up blaming your frustration on Linux. I've seen
people do that.

but I was trying to know somehow
what exactly was the purpose of having separate partitions and how
does it help....

You need those three. Read the opensuse book for more info.

Yes, you NEED those three or you will be in a complete mess.

Having separate /boot and /tmp is good insurance against a variety of
problems. The effort it takes to set those up is minimal and the value
if (and when, you are after all a newbie) things go wrong is well worth
the investment.

$ mount | grep TMP
/dev/mapper/vgmain-TMP on /tmp type ext3
^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^^

Note these security features!

Yes, I have "data=writeback"
This is /tmp; its get cleaned out on every reboot!

We'll give you your money back if not satisfied, but we do suspect that
we will be quite satisfied with your money.
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