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[opensuse] apt-cacher-ng, rpm and opensuse - caching of downloaded rpm's
I wanted someway of caching both debs and rpms but couldn't really find
anything that was easy to use and setup. The user manual for apt-cacher-ng had
a limited amount of info on using it with openSUSE but I initially couldn't
get it to work. After some configuration tweaking I got it working and thought
other people might be interested in using this as a solution. I'm also hoping
other people with come forward with the solutions they have found that have
worked for them (or improvements to what I've done).

In my particular case apt-cacher-ng is running on a Debian server but that
shouldn't make any difference.

The changes I've made to the apt-cacher-ng configuration file acng.conf are as
VfilePattern = (^|.*?/)(Index|Packages\.bz2|Packages\.gz|Packages|Release|
PfilePattern = .*(\.deb|\.rpm|\.dsc|\.tar\.gz\.gpg|\.tar\.gz|\.diff\.gz|

The openSUSE changes I've made are to the repo files in /etc/zypp/repos.d.
I've added the line:
proxy=<ip of apt-cacher-server>:<port-of-apt-cacher-server-3142-by-default>
at the bottom of each of the repo definition files.

That was all that was needed.

The only real issue I have is apt-cacher-ng doesn't seem all that fast to
updating is a fair bit slower than normal.

Scott Newton
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