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Re: [opensuse] I have some initial doubts
Linux Tyro said the following on 10/26/2011 04:41 AM:

1. If I install the latest version viz. 11.04, would it remain stable
even after 8 months? (Since during 8 months, due to my job, I could
not get the time to learn) and even if it changes, the basic
functionality would remain the same....?

Mine has.
That won't stop me upgrading in the future though :-)
The reports I'm getting on the 3.x kernel are very positive.

2. Can I install in CD version? But DVD is very common option.
However, if I go for CD version (via torrent only), I don't think I
would miss anything which come in DVD (wince we can update it later),
is it like this...?

That's a confusing multiple question.
I installed from CD on one machine and used the repositories to make up
what wasn't on the CD. On anther machine I downloaded the DVD ISO to a
local file server and did a network install. That was nice! That's
what I'm going to do in the future.

How you download the DVD ISO is up to you; torrent, ftp rsync ..

Whatever you do, you then update from the repositories anyway.

3. While booting with CD / DVD (whatever I pick in doubt no.2), would
openSUSE replace my already installed Ubuntu or would it ask me for
more/left space (which is NOT there). [PC is currently dual booted
with Ubuntu LTS and Windows). How should I recognize (during
installation) that it is replacing the entire Ubuntu space only and my
windows partition remains intact...

That depends.
You are offered choices.
What I did when converting from Mandriva a long while ago was to chose
to preserve my /home and let Suse overwrite the rest. That was a dual
boot machine.

You don't RECOGNISE, you tell the installer what to do.

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