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[opensuse] System UID and GID reference list available?

I wonder, if there is any UID and GID reference list (preferable in the form of /etc/passwd or /etc/group) available.

The background is, that from time to time I get inconsistencies in my /etc/passwd and /etc/group files.

One example: Currently the Smolt cron job on my openSUSE 11.4 does not work, because the cron job user "smolt" does not exist. I can not find any "useradd" and "groupadd" commands in the RPM scripts of Smolt. So reinstalling Smolt does not add the missing user. Now I tried to find the correct Smolt entries in a fresh openSUSE 11.4 installation. I found these lines in openSUSE 12.1 Beta 1:

/etc/passwd:smolt:x:105:106:user for smolt:/usr/share/smolt:/sbin/nologin

But the UID 105 and the GID 106 is already taken by user "haldaemon" and group "polkituser" on my openSUSE 11.4 system:

haldaemon:x:105:107:User for haldaemon:/var/run/hald:/bin/false

I think, the UID and GID numbers are dynamically chosen. But is this really ok in all cases?

It would be nice, if there is a list of system users and system groups. Other systems have such lists. For instance FreeBSD has the /usr/ports/UIDs (for system UIDs) and /usr/ports/GIDs (for system GIDs).

Or is is really safe to use dynamic UID and GID values for system users?

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