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[opensuse] Re: help forum no help getting printer to print

Felix Miata wrote:
Can someone please fix the openSUSE web sites to use browser defaults
If you can gie us steps to reproduce, we'll look at it. It's not
helpful to use charged words like "incompetent", BTW. Nobody has ever
reported seeing something like this (that I can recall), and we have
thousands of users who use the site without issues.
Most us live with it or know how to compensate for it.

I don't have access to that bug, but just to be clear, I'm talking about
the display issue you saw in the forums, not the printing issue. Since

Incompetence was a word choice that applies to the web generally, not specifically to Competently designed web sites don't induce users to use heroic measures to compensate for stupid and rude site styles, such as those described in those two bugs and in

Yikes --- ANOTHER classic BAD example of a webdesigner born out of windows
programming, and grew up afterwards to web design...


(Ya know the diff from the damaged-windows born ones vs. say, ones who
grew up under linux (maybe even mac?) -- where X11, has has DPI in it from the
first I saw it in the early 80's.
MS programmers were trained to program in pixels. MS brainwashed them in to
thinking that 96DPI was a metric standard or something,

Trouble is, that brainwashing has done more to harm the progress of monitor development
(this from a monitor manufacturer), than any other single factor. Monitors with high
DPI were unsuccessful on the market because people complained that the type was
too small....and windows wasn't really adjustable.

Unfortunately, a legacy of win95 type programmers morphed into web programmers and
took their mindset that 96DPI is a standard...

IT IS SO PATHETIC, that --- but in HTML5, in order to overcome the stupidity of this
entire generation of programmers, DPI was finally defined as 0.125 points (@ 72points/inch).

Now they buried the real device pixels under another layer in hopes of those with these bad habits won't notice.

--- Anyway, that's the backstory....

What can you do Felix...screaming to everyone really will just make your blood pressure go bad. Even the W3W, rolled over and redefined DPI!...Whatcha gonna do????

1) get reading glasses with magnifying^w^w^x(strike that)
1) make sure your monitor is set for the right DPI
(This will work until you hit about 40-50 years of age most likely)
How, get a tape measure and measure the diag....
a) get a tape measure, and measure the visible area of your screen
diagonally and let 'dd'=that number. If your tape measure was in cm, let
'cc'=2.54, else if in inches, then 'cc'=1.0

Now in a calculator (if you have a command line shell available and
perl installed you can use:

perl -e 'for (print "> ";<>;print "> "){ chomp;
my $r=eval "$_";if ($@) { print "eval: $@\n"; } else {printf "%s\n", $r}}'

(control-d or control-c to exit)

At the above "> " prompt (if the perl calc works!)...
Type the following but put in your numbers:

the number you get out should be your screens's DPI:
example for a 1920x1080, 24 inch screen:
or 116 dpi...
For a 2560x1600 76.2cm wide screen:

or 101...

put that number in your Xconfig for the dimensions, or reconfig your windows
to use the correct dpi...

That should help.

To go firefox 3.6 or later,
go into the 'about:config'
and change

layout.css.devPixelsPerPx: .... 1.1 gives about a 10% boost, 1.2 -> 20% (~115dpi screen)
1.25 for a 120dpi screen (125% magnification).

If it is not in your about:config, you can add it:
as a type 'string' (type integer won't work, as it is not an integer)

which contains the entirety of the highly burdensome 155k+ of CSS saved to disk as web page complete with Gecko from shows what 408396-cups-deamon-not-accessable.html looks like on one of my systems without any rudeness countermeasures applied. The dominant text size is a small fraction of the UA's UI text size, which is a smaller size than the UA's default size, for a net result of painful to use, if not totally illegible.

The suse website is hardly unique in this regard...

I''ve complained about UI issues to the suse folks as well..

like yast2 defaulting to taking up 70% of my dual screen monitor width rather than
limiting itself to 1 monitor...

(my other monitor is a TV, so I often don't see the other part of it).... He told me
to fix my setup and use it with Xinerama and try to set the 2nd screen to a separate X

Glad I don't have to deal with that stuff on Windows....

Hopefully you can find some use stuff buried in my attitude...

Never anything personally meant to anyone, i'm just a bit moody when I've spent
a week working on SW and HW problems rather than doing anything fun...

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