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Re: [opensuse] help forum no help getting printer to print
On 2011/10/06 13:08 (GMT+0200) Per Jessen composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2011/10/06 08:01 (GMT+0200) Per Jessen composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

After seeing "unable to open listen socket for address ::1:631 -
Address family not supported by protocol" in

Suggestion: amend your /etc/hosts file and comment out the line that
has '::1' listed for localhost.

When I saw that ::1:631 error I stripped all IPV6 lines from
/etc/hosts. Didn't help.

But you are running with IPv6 disabled, right? That is what the error
message from cups seems to indicate.

Quote from OP: "IPV6 is disabled in YaST, and cmdline includes ipv6.disable=1. /etc/hosts
includes localhost localhost."

I've been trying off& on in 11.4& 12.1 since last winter to make
my IP printer work, but it refuses to print except for the YaST2
test page, or PDFs from Okular.

I guess you're not printing direct but via cups?

I configure printers using YaST2, and let apps figure out on their own
where the printer is, what it's called and how to use it. It always
worked that way before.

To troubleshoot your cups setup, we'll probably need some more info -
i.e. is a networked setup, single PC or multiple, and what happens when
printing from an application doesn't work? I.e. is it refused or just
ignored or accepted, but nothing happens?

Quote from OP: "trying off & on in 11.4 & 12.1 since last winter to make my IP
printer work...I opened the printer's IP in Konqueror...multiple puters, fail to
even wake up the printer".

I would have thought that info, plus the logs at (also included in OP), to be the info you're asking for. AFAIK, non-IP printers cannot be reached via their (non-existent) IPs, while "fail to even wake up the printer" constitutes nothing happening". "job.cacheBADgv" is job.cache from failed attempt to print with Gwenview. "error_logOKokular" is error_log after successful print from Okular. "c00005BADfirefox" is c00005 print job from failed attempt to print from Firefox. "access_logBADkonq" is access_log from failed attempt to print from Konqueror". Etc.
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