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Re: [opensuse] Re: OpenSuSE 11.4: E17: menu: YaST (Administraitor Settings) FAILS
On 10/3/2011 12:09 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
Joe(theWordy)Philbrook said the following on 10/02/2011 03:56 PM:
What "_IS_" hard to remember is the durned pathname of the appropriate

Use a wiki with full text search (perhaps tiddlywiki which does that for
me) or use the KDE 'basket' tool.

B8t its getting clear, Joe, that you're not interested so much in
solutions as you are in talking about why they don't work for you.

He has a work flow he's developed that not only works well for him, but is perfectly reasonable as far as I can see. I see no reason to demand he do things some other way. The tools are supposed to be exactly this flexible to allow exactly this sort of customization. Tools that fail to allow this are wrong, not him for finding the default system inefficient, worse, needlessly inefficient.

I happen to have a well thought out, well proven, incontestible system myself where I have used a thin quick launch bar of 16px icons with no text labels on the right-edge of the screen since about redhat 3 or 4 and fvwm (the original redhat 3 or 4 not rhel or fc). Looking at the fact that the ability to even do this at all was made completely arcane and difficult in Vista and completely removed by Windows7 (I have to use RocketDock and the most minimalist skin available for it to sort of emulate the old quicklaunch toolbar), and that it's either not possible or at least not the default in any linux desktop, it's obvious not only most people but most layout/process experts all agree this is not a good system.

And they're all wrong. It's inarguable. The number of clicks and the amount of attention required to do the same job (access all my most-used apps and folders repeatedly) any of the "normal" ways vs the way I do it is a hard number that can't be argued. The combination of one click being less than any other number, and the consumption of screen real-estate in the larger dimension instead of the shorter one, are just plain objective numbers. It's not being closed minded to say I'm pretty sure no matter what new framework you try to show me, it won't be _more_ convenient than what I do now. It's something I've actually put thought into vs accepting by default without wondering about it or trying to do something different just for the sake of doing something different.

Inarguable for me still doesn't mean it's the best way for everyone else though either because just for one example I don't happen to use multiple desktops or workspaces. Multiple monitors yes but rarely multiple desktops. Maybe for a multiple workspace user a dockbar intruding, even by 20px, may be intolerable, covering up scrollbars and buttons of full-screen apps etc... And auto-hide is just a case of trying to deal with one brokenness by introducing another brokenness.

If someone elses workflow doesn't make sense to you, that does not necessarily mean it doesn't make sense.

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