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Re: [opensuse] Good literature on UNIX fundamentals
Haro de Grauw said the following on 10/03/2011 08:02 AM:


That is how all unix works, not opensuse.

All this seems to indicate that learning some - a lot of - UNIX
fundamentals (there are many books and web sites) is in order here.

Agree. However, many books and websites out there are either hopelessly
outdated, or specifically focused on niche situations and/or other
distributions, or just plain crap.

As far as distribution specifics go, you are right; as far as the effect of many new features go, you are right.

But when it comes to things like $PATH, the difference between running a script, sourcing a script and interpreting a script; these matters are the same today as they were ten or twenty years ago.

The "Yellow Book", the BSTJ July/Aug 1978 (vol 57, No 6, part 2) has the basic articles on UNIX and Steve Bourne's article on the Shell and everything in that article is still valid today (though Bash has a lot more!) That article covers $PATH, execution, sourcing and interpretation, expansion of variables, wild cards and file names and so forth.

Some of these matters have come up recently.
They haven't changed, they are not niche matters. What Steve Bourne wrote about in 1978 about $PATH is not outdated.

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