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Re: [opensuse] installing optimized packages like Gentoo

On Sun, 02 Oct 2011, Anton Aylward wrote:
Marcus Meissner said the following on 10/02/2011 03:59 PM:
On Sun, Oct 02, 2011 at 10:37:18AM -0700, Carlos Alberto Gueto Tettay wrote:
Gentoo linux is an special distro that can be automatically
optimized and it offers an extreme performance according to machine

I was wondering if I can install optimized packages with zypper,
something like from source, just like Gentoo

The software usually does not run (revelantly) faster, but you might
get rid of some dependencies. But, mind you, some stuff I don't want
needs an overlay, USE flags dont suffice on gentoo ...

The open buildservice allows you to create a forked project of a distributon
and rebuild selected packages with optimization changes.
That can then be added as repo to your system.
This generic way is more complicated than what Gentoo does right now,
but could surely be simplified, or spun off for specific optimizations.

Right now the threshold is above what I'm willing to venture for, but
I'm hoping someone will do a build of some of the components of KDE
that are not dependent on Nepomuk, or perhaps take the
"compiz-addons" package and split it into the parts that need nepomuk
and the parts that don't.

Oh, and leave out the *avahi* stuff too.

Any takers?

You've just volunteered.


"What, you don't think "insmod emacs" is a good idea?" -- Joe Moore
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