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Re: [opensuse] howto get details of 1394 (firewire) device creation on camera plug-in (need BASH test)
On 09/24/2011 10:36 PM, John Andersen wrote:
For the successful plug-in, you get:
> Sep 24 21:33:54 archangel kernel: [2112171.169381] firewire_core: phy
config: card 0, new root=ffc1, gap_count=5
> Sep 24 21:33:57 archangel kernel: [2112174.926294] firewire_core: created
device fw1: GUID 08004601017ede99, S100, 1 config ROM retries
> Note the "1 config ROM retries" appended to the 'fw1' device creation
when the plug-in goes correctly.
> I don't understand what this is or what it means, but I do need to devise
a way to test for a successful plug-in from within a BASH
> script. Now, granted, it is simple enough to grep the message log and look for "1
config ROM retries" within a reasonable time after the
> plug in, but I know that is a hack...
> When the device is created, where does it go in the /proc tree? How best
to test and what to test for the correct creation of the ROM
> entries before beginning the dvgrab? Anybody run into this before?
I don't have a firewire camera, but all my other firewire disks just show up in
some subdirectory of /media.
I use these for backup.
So I create a sub directory of that sub-directory where the firewire drive
appears and I put a file in there.
If I can read the file, the drive is not mounted. If Its not found, its
because the drive mounted over
the subdirectory.

John, All,

Thanks. It seems with this firewire device, it is either hit or miss. Looking further at the error, I was misinterpreting the "1 config ROM retries" as being some additional indication that something got created somewhere that allowed for the successful download of video. (smacks self...) Wrong-O.

It means just what it says: "1 config ROM retries". Meaning it just re-tried the creation of the 1st config ROM... Basically it's just saying "Hey stupid, I just retried doing what I just did to create the fw1 device." For whatever reason it may or may not work on the first creation attempt. It usually always works after an unplug/re-plug. I have also had it work just fine after the 1st connect attempt.

So basically, this is one of those annoying "may/may not" work things that I don't know enough about, but I do need to be able to figure out if I have a good connection before I try and call dvgrab from the script. If I don't have a good connection and I start dvgrab, then the tape will start playing and no video will be downloaded. Not a big deal, unless you need to start the capture at a specific point, then it is a giant PITA (rewind, reset, restart capture...).

I'll keep messing with it. 'dvgrab' is an amazing tool for 1394 or usb video capture. I have been really impressed with its flexibility. Anybody have any other thoughts on how to test for a good fw1 device creation or connection before calling dvgrab, I would appreciate your thoughts.

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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