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Re: [opensuse] what to put on a _small_ netbook
Silviu Marin-Caea said the following on 09/23/2011 05:27 AM:

Erasing plasma-addons is not that bad.. it doesn't erase all of them!
However, this package has to go, otherwise those processes pop up again.

I've commented on this before.

plasma-addons is a -- I won't say 'Bad", lets try 'inauspicious' and 'inconvenient' set of packaging and needs to be re-addressed.

Its mixes add-ons that are dependent on nepomuk with ones that don't.
There are 443 files in that package; many of them are graphics, dot-desktop or theme files in /usr/share, so don't really matter, but what's left?

First, there is the lancelot menu.

Second, a number of plugins in /usr/lib/kde4/kcm* and
/usr/lib/kde4/krunner. Some like the spell checker I can't see needing nepomuk.

Then there are the /usr/lib/kde4/plasma-applet_* plugins.
Again, there are going to be many of these that don't need nepomuk such as the clocks, the bouncing ball, and many others.

Please, can we split this package into the parts that don't need nepomuk and the parts that do.

This is ONLY a packing issue; it is not a coding issue, it is not a development issue. Perhaps someone can do it in a private repository ...

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