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Re: [opensuse] PDF in Firefox not working on 11.3
On 09/22/2011 09:41 AM, Dave Howorth pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Philippe Andersson wrote:
I get this "blank page" behaviour from time to time as well. I've
noticed that if I force a reload of the page (e.g. press enter with the
cursor in the address bar), it usually then loads the PDF in the
embedded viewer.

Yes, I've experienced that behaviour too. And on older versions it will
sometimes load several pages and then they'll all 'white out', after
which they need to be individually reloaded.

But my symptoms this time are different. Reloading just produces the
same blank window.

I remember there was a time when I had to select the
open-in-the-application option instead of the open-in-the-plugin.
Perhaps I'll have to go back to that again for a while.

I too have problems opening pdf links in Firefox. After opening two (always two) pdf's any link clicked after that always results in a white screen (tab) with no document to look at. Once I restart Firefox again I can open two documents and then get the same result, a white screen (tab). This occurs also in Seamonkey (same engine?).

Ken Schneider
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