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Re: [opensuse] what to put on a _small_ netbook
David Haller said the following on 09/21/2011 11:48 PM:

>>$ rpm -qa '*epomuk*''*akonadi*'
>>I'm not quite sure if I broke a requirement though.
>I'm sure you must have!
>I just tried
>rpm -e $(rpm -qa '*epomuk*''*akonadi*')
>and got a dependency list that ran on for more than 3 screenfulls
Try again with:

rpm -e $(rpm -qa '*epomuk*''*akonadi*' | egrep -v 'libakonadi|libnepomuk')

If you have installed and run some stuff (like kmail) that actually
uses libnepomuk/libakonadi, you need those. I don't. And neither k3b
nor Firefox need them to run.

Better, but ...

I now get a much shorter list.
It wants to drop kdepim, which is OK, but also
kdeplasma-addons-libs and kdeplasma-addons
which isn't.

All of which misses the real point.
Why does k3b even need nepomuk?
I ask that because it can function quite well without the various codecs. Not everyone uses k3b to burn music CDs from ~/Music/*.
Some of us just use it to burn .iso files, such as the latest release of Suse.

Perhaps we need a repository of the various KDE tools that don't need nepomuk, that have been compiled without the need for the nepomuk libraries.

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meeting schedules is forgotten.
--Kathleen Byle, Sandia National Laboratories
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