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Re: [DIAGNOSED] Re: [opensuse] Howto repair - corrupt jpeg file - anything new out there?
On 09/19/2011 01:16 PM, jdd wrote:
Le 19/09/2011 20:10, David C. Rankin a écrit :

error, but still have garbage inside. Something like a cross-linked
file on the card causing the garbage in the files. Leave it to the DOS
filesystem on the card to mess things up :)

when you write (or read) a flash card, a large part of the operation is buffered

I sometime (too often) notice that one can umount the reader *before* all the
reading/writing operations are completely done. Look at the blinking diode if
you have one, it keep blinking

so one have to *wait* (30s, one minutes) before unplugging

few weeks ago I copied VirtualBox images from my computer to copy them to a
computer 16 km away

when I tryed to copy, the files where present but unreadable. This special usb
key do not have led :-(

I beg that the copy program first create the files, then, copy the data


Here, the data was written to the SD card by the camera, then the SD card was put into a memory card "reader" on my laptop. The files were then copied from the card to the hard drive using a script that basically did:

PICFILES=$(find /media/disk -type f -iname '*.jpg')
cp -ur $PICFILES ~/img/photo

It worked well. Then I began experiencing the corruption issues.

I don't see how the command line copy operation could have not waited for the buffer to write to disk before copying the next image from the SD card??

Even after the copy operation was finished, I would then rsync the files to a local server before removing the SD card from the reader. This would have allowed at least 1-5 minutes before card removal. I would have expected an rsync error if it was trying to transfer a file that still had some type of buffer open?? (I could be wrong there.. I just don't know)

Anybody see how the multi-copy of files from the SD card via the script snippets above could have induced the corruption? To me, (at least as of now) the culprit still looks like a bad filesystem on the SD card. The card was reformatted shortly after this corruption issue, but given the corruption, I just went back to a digikam download direct from the camera rather than a copy from the SD card itself. I haven't had a problem since. Perhaps another test is in order.

Thoughts? Guidance?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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