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Re: [opensuse] Virtual box running out of disk space
On 09/08/2011 06:18 AM, Fr David Ousley wrote:
On Wed, 07 Sep 2011 23:10:26 -0400, Ken Schneider - openSUSE
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On 09/07/2011 08:59 PM, Fr David Ousley pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Friends --

I'm running Windows XP in a virtual machine on Virtual Box, set up with
"dynamically expanding hard disk", which is now out of disk space. It
does not expand itself, so that it has run out of disk space. Running
"VBoxManage modifyhd --resize 20 windowsxp.vdi" returns the error
"VBOX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED VBoxManage: error: Resize hard disk operation for
this format is not implemented yet!"


Thanks, that's helpful. What do I do now? Is the only option to create a new
machine with a larger hard disk and start over?

Blatantly cannibalized from an existing post saved in my basket :)



Use VirtualBox to create a new hard disk (vdi) with your desired size. You can use the dynamically expanding storage or a fixed size disk. If you are expanding the hard disk capacity, choose a size significantly larger (e.g. double the size) than the original hard disk to avoid problems.

Make sure your VirtualBox directory containing the VBoxManage command is in your operating system path. In the command line console, change directory to your HardDisk folder (e.g. ~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks) and run

VBoxManage clonehd old_hard_disk.vdi new_hard_disk.vdi --existing

Use VirtualBox to change the settings of your guest

Use the new hard disk (i.e. new_hard_disk.vdi) instead of the old one:

o Go to the settings for the guest VM and choose the “Storage” options.
o Select the appropriate controller (e.g. IDE Controller, SATA Controller)
and add your new hard disk.
o Remove the old hard disk from the Storage section of your guest.

Then just start the new guest in virtualbox. XP will complain that the drive size has changed, just click OK and you are done...

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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