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Re: [opensuse] Updates from repositories/X11:/XOrg/openSUSE_11.4/ BROKE xorg today
David C. Rankin said the following on 09/08/2011 11:48 PM:

Updates tonight from the xorg repo broke x on my toshiba laptop. The system
would boot and be dumped to console with some message about not being able to
move Xorg.0.log to Xorg.0.log.old (ho hum...)

That _may_ be a permissions problem.
It depends on how you start X

If you are using runlevel 5 then kdm should be running as root and kdm will start X and there should'nt be a problem.

If you are having problems with kdm (or xdm or gdm) [like me] and are starting from the command line as a user with 'startx' then X is started with your user (i.e. not root) ID and so can't move the log file since /var/log is owned by root and not writable by mere users.

So you need a /etc/permissions.local

# setuid bit on Xorg is only needed if no display manager, ie startx
# is used. Beware of CVE-2010-2240.
/usr/bin/Xorg root:root 4711

and then run as root:

chkstat -set /etc/permissions.local

The rpms updated were:



Downgrading those files alone would allow X to start, but there was no
keyboard or mouse input accepted by the display manager.

I still get that sometimes but I wonder if my hardware is acting up

> Further downgrading of
the following got the box running again:

rpm -Uvh --oldpackage xkeyboard-config-2.2.1-25.9.noarch.rpm \
xorg-x11-libX11-ccache-7.6-16.44.noarch.rpm \
xorg-x11-Xvnc-7.6_1.9.3-157.5.x86_64.rpm \
xorg-x11-xauth-7.6-175.7.x86_64.rpm \
xorg-x11-server-extra-7.6_1.9.3-157.5.x86_64.rpm \
xorg-x11-server-7.6_1.9.3-157.5.x86_64.rpm \
xorg-x11-driver-video-nouveau-0.0.16_20110115_b795ca6-25.3.x86_64.rpm \

Is anybody else experiencing problems with these new xorg packages? If so
me know. Thanks.

I've been having a LOT of problems with xorg packages or over a month now.

At least when humans go to casualty, they generally haven't gone into the Control Panel and messed with the settings...
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