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[opensuse] Re: (Dovecot is faster and supports multiple formats -- unlike Cyrus

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Sun, 2011-08-28 at 02:12 -0700, Linda Walsh wrote:
I went from UoW IMAP to dovecot -- unlike Cyrus, it didn't require I reformat my
email boxes (all in unix 'mbox format', as they all started as Unix-mbox's)... into
it's custom format. And Dovecot is very fast....

mbox is fast? I don't believe that for a second. I doubt Dovecot uses
mbox; it probably converted the mail to maildir or UoW was already using
maildir. mbox is a broken and obsolete mailbox format; and very slow.
Dovecot uses whatever you tell it to use and it's fast w/all of them -- though it
has a native format that is probably fastest.

Reality doesn't require your belief.

UoW used mbox as well -- it may ALSO have supported maildir, but I don't recall that it
did -- but considering you don't know your definitions, (from previous email), I can't
really tell what you are saying.

Dovecot supports a variety of formats:

how many does Cyrus support? i.e. How compatible is it with other mail systems?

My issues were compatibility, reliability and speed. Dovecot gave me meets or exceeds on
all compared to UoW..., Cyrus: fail, unknown, reportedly faster"

The fail was a blocker.

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