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[opensuse] Re: (Dovecot is faster and supports multiple formats -- unlike Cyrus

James Knott wrote:
Linda Walsh wrote:
Bingo!... That's a reason why I avoided 'Cyrus' like plague, and why I moved to dovecot... Dovecot is
much better about handling multiple accesses. Dovecot IS configurable to use 'Cyrus' format if someone *wants*
that format (i.e. moving from Cyrus).

I'm still working on this mail server, but I've been busy with other things at work, so it's a "priority" low priority item. ;-) However, I find the documentation to be a bit vague and fragmented, so Dovecot appears to be more difficult to set up than UoW, which I had no problem at all with.
I would agree, I found the Dovecot documentation to be lacking, but found the configuration relatively
easy after installing it and poking around it's config files, which were broken down by
subfunction in my /etc/dovecot dir (on suse...not all break them down, I understand):

ls -R /etc/dovecot/
conf.d/ dovecot-db.conf.ext dovecot-sql.conf.ext
dovecot-2.conf dovecot-dict-sql.conf.ext RCS/
dovecot.conf dovecot-ldap.conf.ext README

10-auth.conf 15-lda.conf auth-deny.conf.ext
10-auth.conf.orig 20-imap.conf auth-ldap.conf.ext
10-director.conf 20-imap.conf.orig auth-master.conf.ext
10-logging.conf 20-lmtp.conf auth-passwdfile.conf.ext
10-logging.conf.orig 20-managesieve.conf auth-sql.conf.ext
10-mail.conf 20-pop3.conf auth-static.conf.ext
10-master.conf 90-acl.conf auth-system.conf.ext
10-master.conf.orig 90-plugin.conf auth-system.conf.ext.orig
10-ssl.conf 90-quota.conf auth-vpopmail.conf.ext
10-ssl.conf.orig 90-sieve.conf RCS/
10-ssl.conf.rpmnew auth-checkpassword.conf.ext
Not all of them need to be configed/altered as you can tell by
which ones have 'origs' (at least in the conf.d dir)...(and some of those
had changes 'reverted' but left in comments, so the .orig file is still
around I was experimenting...

Only config'ed dovecot-2.conf & dovecot.conf in the top level dir.

But I'd agree, it was a bit less well documented, -- but UoW, did come from a you'd have to think it probably be better documented than most!


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