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Re: [opensuse] Re: (Dovecot is faster and supports multiple formats -- unlike Cyrus
Adam Tauno Williams said the following on 09/08/2011 02:53 PM:
On Thu, 2011-09-08 at 14:47 -0400, Anton Aylward wrote:

On the one hand dealing with a mbox involves opening two files: index
and data. Using index, seek.

Incorrect; if there is an index it is *not* mbox. It is some extension
to mbox; mbox does not specify, describe, or require an index.

Ah, I see. The difference between the noun and the verb.
You are concerned with the DEFINITION of what a mbox is.
I am concerned with how the mbox is being used by the ..

Oh wait, isn't this thread about the performance of Dovecot?

I doubt very much that mbox format under Dovecot is slow.

Okay. But then it isn't using mbox; it has extended mbox [maybe we can
call it mbox+]. If you modify the mbox directly the indexes will be

Now why would I want to do that?
I thought this thread was about using Dovecot?

I'm using Dovecot as a IMAP server. Its on a remote machine.
Not just 'why' but 'how'?

And anyway, even if I could telnet in, disable dovecot, edit a mbox by hand, restart dovecot, log off and return to my MUA, the moment the MUA asks the dovecot server to access that mbox, dovecot will see that its timestamp is later than the index and update the index.

Call it "index on demand"

And hey, how do you think the indexes get built in the first place when converting from courier to dovecot?

This is why dovecot can work with Postfix (or postscript) delivering directly to the mbox rather than using the dovecot-lda


This is why you can disable dovecot and go back to using courier, and then switch to dovecot again.


Dovecot is not only fast, its also robust :-)

There's nothing wrong with using maildir, but if you've been using courier and the normal *NIX inbox, then dovecot can be installed without the need to convert to maildir format.

That's a K.I.S.S advantage or many people.

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