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Re: [opensuse] Video clips on CNN.COM International and US editions
On 04/09/11 18:27, Stan Goodman wrote:
On Sunday 04 September 2011 08:55:49 Basil Chupin wrote:
But I am curious about why there should

be an apparently too small buffer on the older display.
I have a feeling that it is FF which is "at fault". With version #8,
and now #9, (both Nightlies, BTW) a new way of managing RAM was
introduced which made FF much less resource-hungry - and made it
FAST when compared to earlier versions.
I'm looking forward to the experience.

My connection is

10MB ADSL -- I have checked it on the ISP's online speed monitor.
What is imposing the frequent pauses for the display to catch up?
The problem does not exist on other sites.
Interesting. Do you have any security add-ons which may have this
CNN site targetted for 'special attention'? NoScript, Ghostery,
I have NoScript and AdBlock. I should disable them one at a time, and
see if that makes a difference.

Even though I have ADSL2+, with the distance I am from the phone
exchange my speed is only averaging 200KB/s and yet I had absolutely
no trouble in watching those videos on CNN - no stuttering, no
There is also another effect here, which I've learned to live with. If I
switch pages in the browser, FF tells me (at the lower left of the
window) immediately, of course, the URL of the new page, then about half
a minute goes by until it says it's waiting for that URL, followed by
the same time again until it says it's transmitting data. I attribute
this to whatever is going on at the ISP, therefore beyond my control.

What happens at the ISP end will, of course, affect the speed. Just now, for example, I did my daily update of the system. There is always one repository which has the slowest speed for any downloads (Packman) whereas any others are quite quick.

But I thought of this overnight. Do you clear your cache (in FF) or have you cleared it? As you know often one has some setting captured in the cache which then affects subsequent accesses to that particular site.

And the other is: doesn't flash have a settings menu which it remembers for a specific site? (Right-click on a video when playing and select Settings.) What do you have set for CNN?


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