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Re: [opensuse] Video clips on CNN.COM International and US editions
On 04/09/11 08:37, Stan Goodman wrote:
On Saturday 03 September 2011 17:43:20 Basil Chupin wrote:
The US edition has two video display modes, a) the same as that
described above (with the same problem), and b) a newer and
niftier, apparently still experimental mode, which occupies more
of the main Firefox window, does not have the buffer problem, and
until a day or two ago was a pleasure to use.

Now, however, no clips function in either mode on the US edition.
Clicking on any link to a clip causes FF to put up a large
error-message frame announcing that "The connection was
reset.....", and the tab to say "Problem loading page". Pressing
the Back key returns me to the previous (non-video) page.
Presumably not every viewer of the site encounters this problem,
so I would like to find a way to diagnose what is happening, and
hopefully to work around it. Here is an example of a problematic
clip, but again, any other on the site would do as well (or as

Firefox identifies itself thus:
Firefox for openSUSE
openSUSE 11.4
My response may be of no satisfaction to you but I can view the
above videos you mention without any problems.

The first thing which comes to my mind is: when was the last time
you did an upgrade/update to your system? For example, flash was
upgraded a day or so ago.

Also, I am using Firefox #9 (Nightly) [although I think that the
official FF version now available for oS 11.4 is #6] on a 32-bit os
11.4 KDE 4.7 system with 1.5GB of RAM and have never 'fiddled' with
any buffering settings (didn't even know that such a thing exists -
does it?)

I've upgraded FF and backgraded Flash as you suggested, and that has
fixed the main problem.

Very glad to read that the problem has been resolved.

No doubt it was removing the Flash beta that did
the trick. Since the CNN beta display functions well, and it will surely
in time replace the older mode even on the International edition, that
should be the end of the matter.

Cannot really answer that question except to say that while I upgrade/update my system on a daily basis and, in particular, upgrade my FF #9 Nightly daily, my wife does not - I do it for her, and she goes into "panic mode" whenever I tell her I am about to upgrade her copy of FF :-D (she's always worried about losing her forum data even though I do almost daily backups of her FF and TB). Anyway, the point of all this is that suddenly she could not view YouTube videos - but I had no problems with them. After I upgraded FF to the latest Nightly and also did a system "zypper patch" which I believe updated flash 10.3r181 she was once again able to view the videos.

But I am curious about why there should
be an apparently too small buffer on the older display.

I have a feeling that it is FF which is "at fault". With version #8, and now #9, (both Nightlies, BTW) a new way of managing RAM was introduced which made FF much less resource-hungry - and made it FAST when compared to earlier versions.

My connection is
10MB ADSL -- I have checked it on the ISP's online speed monitor. What
is imposing the frequent pauses for the display to catch up? The problem
does not exist on other sites.

Interesting. Do you have any security add-ons which may have this CNN site targetted for 'special attention'? NoScript, Ghostery, ADBlock,...?

Even though I have ADSL2+, with the distance I am from the phone exchange my speed is only averaging 200KB/s and yet I had absolutely no trouble in watching those videos on CNN - no stuttering, no pauses.


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