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Re: [opensuse] Video clips on CNN.COM International and US editions
On 03/09/11 20:30, Stan Goodman wrote:
This website is my source for foreign news, and I use both the US and
International editions. There are problems with both, but they are

The International edition is still using the video display format that
has been standard for a few years. Example:

although there is nothing specific about this one. It displays well, and
the only trouble with it is that it needs a larger buffer than it has,
because it is interrupted every few seconds while it catches up. This is
not a new problem, and has been annoying for a long time. I am still
able to use this site. Is there a way for me to enlarge the video
buffer? How?

The US edition has two video display modes, a) the same as that
described above (with the same problem), and b) a newer and niftier,
apparently still experimental mode, which occupies more of the main
Firefox window, does not have the buffer problem, and until a day or two
ago was a pleasure to use.

Now, however, no clips function in either mode on the US edition.
Clicking on any link to a clip causes FF to put up a large error-message
frame announcing that "The connection was reset.....", and the tab to
say "Problem loading page". Pressing the Back key returns me to the
previous (non-video) page. Presumably not every viewer of the site
encounters this problem, so I would like to find a way to diagnose what
is happening, and hopefully to work around it. Here is an example of a
problematic clip, but again, any other on the site would do as well (or
as poorly):

Firefox identifies itself thus:
Firefox for openSUSE
openSUSE 11.4

My response may be of no satisfaction to you but I can view the above videos you mention without any problems.

The first thing which comes to my mind is: when was the last time you did an upgrade/update to your system? For example, flash was upgraded a day or so ago.

Also, I am using Firefox #9 (Nightly) [although I think that the official FF version now available for oS 11.4 is #6] on a 32-bit os 11.4 KDE 4.7 system with 1.5GB of RAM and have never 'fiddled' with any buffering settings (didn't even know that such a thing exists - does it?)


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