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Re: [opensuse] ftp
On 2011/09/02 17:26 (GMT) Jim Henderson composed:

On Fri, 02 Sep 2011 19:24:03 +0200, K. Dennis Leyendecker wrote:

I thought openSUSE won´t be like Ubuntu and delivered gcc and make by
default. No way. I had have to install gcc and make on my own :/

It is in the devel pattern.

call me old fashion, but for me, an operating system should at least
have a shell, a compiler and a software like make.

Made sense to me only before distros started defaulting to runlevel 5. Since then most users don't ever compile anything, and for many who might, there's the openSUSE buildservice alternative.

Makes sense to me that it wouldn't be selected by default - not everyone
writes code, so a compiler for those users would be just taking up disk

Not "just" space. There's also more bandwidth every time it gets updated, and longer waits for updates to complete.
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