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Re: [opensuse] How do i win some space back?[solved]
  • From: Oddball <monkey9@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2010 21:31:12 +0100
  • Message-id: <4CFD4810.6060001@xxxxxx>
Op 06-12-10 20:21, dwgallien schreef:
Op 06-12-10 17:47, Anton Aylward schreef:

Is this possible?: to mount an extra partition behind /home?

Sure. I'm not positive whether there might be issues splitting KDE, but
should not be a problem with separate applications in your list like mozilla
and googleearth. There are different ways to do this. Off the top of my
head, one method to group the applications on a single separate partition,
would be to mount it (in fstab) to a mount point under /mnt (e.g.,
"/mnt/applications") adding directories for each application (e.g.,
"mozilla"), and then symlink these under /home/user using the exact name and
directory location the application expects. That way for example when
Firefox installs/updates/writes to /home/user/.mozilla, it will actually be
using your partition under /mnt/applications/mozilla. This is just one way
to do it.

Anton, and most certainly everybody that has taken the effort to look
into my little problem, and provided me with an answer,

I will most certainly save this suggestion for later use.
As for now i just removed ~.thunderbird, and now the total files are
just 1.8GB.
The newly made .thunderbird is only: 5.7 MB.., which is acceptable.

Before doing this i deleted all mail, with no effect at all, but i do
not like a workstation i cannot control..
So the next step was inevitable..

1) Problem solved, thnx to the interresse and help of caring volunteers:
2) Usefull app. recommended: Filelight: Quick small and accurate.

I greatly appreciated every concern taken to try to help me, my thanks
are crushing... ;-)




Enjoy your time around,

Oddball (M9.) (Now or never...)

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