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[opensuse] Basic 11.3 questions
  • From: Bob S <911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 22:27:57 -0400
  • Message-id: <201009292227.57923.911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello SuSE people,
 Basic info: Until recently I had 3 SuSE OS's running on my box. 10.2, 11.0,
(KDE3) and 11.2 (KDE4) I played with 11.2 and it was OK but didn't like KDE4
very much and hoping it would improve. This is not a flame! So back off ! I
want to see KDE4 work the way I want it too.
 So I "upgraded" 11.2 to 11.3. Disaster! Nothing worked right. Reinstalled
11.3 as a new "clean" install. (losing all of my configurtions from 11.2)
a  slightly less disaster. Wouldn't boot except in "safe mode" and a startx.
Regular boot complained about the nouveau driver and dumped me out and shut
down. Once inside, in safe mode, I began to investigate. Three different
kernels in boot , which i cleaned out except for the latest one. Seven
different device mappers which varied considerably. Nine different menu.lsts
which all varied, (why is that? why so many?) (does something search all of
them ?) and the Yast partitioner incorrectly identified the hard drives
 (2 pata and one sata) differently from the other 3 OS's which were correct.
 It also didn't show all of the bootable common partitions of all the other
OS's. I have 5 such partitions which are common and mountable to any of the
 other OS's for datastorage, workspace etc. where I can put things from one
 OS and access it from another.
 Isn't the partitioner "global"? The same for any SuSE OS on the computer?
 The others used it "globally" invoking all of the "labels" and "fstab"
entries. Set me straight on this. I'm afraid to correct the partitioner in
11.3 for fear of screwing up the other OS's.
 Hope somebody can set me straight on the basics.
 Bob S
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