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[opensuse] SuSE 11.3 not mounting 0x83 on install
Here is the situation.

I have a large hard drive with a lot of 50 gig partitions for holding
the various operating systems. It currently is holding a suse 11.2,
ubuntu 9.04, windoze xp, windoze 7, and a knoppix. I was going to put
SuSE 11.3 into an empty partition and check it out.

For all of these linux installs I have a 500 gig partition formatted
with ext3 as the /home partition and thus far they have had no real
problems sharing. (Symbolic links to data storage work wonders.)

So I start installing 11.3 and it seems to have no problems until I get
to partitioning. Go to throw 11.3 into the sda9 partition and there is
no complaints, having the windows partitions available.... no problem.
When I get to the home partition it is trying to format it into ext4.
Obviously I do not desire to lose the data from multiple installs, nor
do I wish to format the partition. The error message I get is that the

installation cannot mount a partition with an unknown filetype. The
filetype it reports that partition as possessing is 0x83 Linux.

Now if I remember right 0x83 is the old standard linux partition and why
SuSE does not recognize it is beyond me. Anyway, does anyone have an
idea why SuSE 11.3 won't just go ahead and
mount that partition?


Dr. Roy F. Cabaniss
University of Arkansas @ Monticello

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