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Re: [opensuse] One repo in the pool killing updates - probably - can it be fixed?
  • From: Peter Pöml <peter@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 11:54:30 +0200
  • Message-id: <66239435-88DF-4EDD-AFBC-5A4725CEEF98@xxxxxxxx>
Hi again,

if the problem I just described is indeed affecting you, I might have
interesting new info:

Le 22.09.2010 à 11:23, Peter Pöml a écrit :
When testing the same as above from the US, aria2c does not contact 5
mirrors; it contacts only one, and if that is, the download takes
a minute instead of 2-4 seconds. The log shows that only one server is
contacted, and it is reproducible:

% aria2c --log=- --log-level=debug '--user-agent=ZYpp 7.7.5 (aria2 version
1.9.1) openSUSE-11.3-x86_64' --summary-interval=1 --follow-metalink=mem
--check-integrity=true --file-allocation=none
--server-stat-if=/home/poeml/.aria2/aria2.stats --uri-selector=adaptive
--use-head=false --max-tries=5 --max-concurrent-downloads=2 --header=Pragma:
| grep Host

The worst is, I don't know why this differs. Apart from the aria2c version
everything should be exactly the same. In the latter case, I used the newest
version, 1.10.3.

Which aria2 package version do you have installed?

I found
which mentions a changed behaviour in aria2c 1.10.x, compared to 1.9.x.
Indeed, when I try the mentioned options "--max-connection-per-server=4
--min-split-size=1M" aria2c behaves again as I would expect it:

poeml@download:~/Images> time aria2c --log=- --log-level=debug
--summary-interval=1 --follow-metalink=mem --check-integrity=true
--file-allocation=none --use-head=false --max-tries=5 --connect-timeout=180
--max-connection-per-server=1 --min-split-size=1M
| grep Host
2010-09-22 11:30:19.744906 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745048 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745057 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745179 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745189 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745198 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745318 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745328 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745337 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
2010-09-22 11:30:19.745345 DEBUG - UsedHost=1,
aria2c --log=- --log-level=debug --summary-interval=1 --follow-metalink=mem
0.00s user 0.24s system 5% cpu 4.089 total
grep Host 0.00s user 0.05s system 1% cpu 4.053 total

As the log excerpt shows, aria2c contacts not only one server, and it finishes
the download in about 4 seconds (instead of one minute) even though the slow mirror was used (among others).

That's how it should be.

So, if you see the same happening, and if you are indeed using a new aria2c
(1.10.x), then one should figure out how zypper/yast can use the right options
(or if this is a bug).

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