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Re: [opensuse] Now That Novell is seling the Linux Division...
  • From: John Andersen <jsamyth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 17:27:03 -0700
  • Message-id: <4C994D57.5090901@xxxxxxxxx>
On 9/21/2010 5:04 PM, Brian K. White wrote:
I see plenty of opportunity for conflicts of interest to the detriment of
opensuse and any users of it. I see plenty of prior examples that
showed me the hard way what to worry about, not because I'm all that much of
a worrier in general.

So I say it's exactly the right time to think about things like, why do you
use opensuse now? What might be vmwares motives wrt opensuse? Of
the key points that cause you to use opensuse, are those points possibly met
elsewhere such as centos or ubuntu ?

Personally, I chose opensuse for my company (this means all production
application service boxes as well as all other backup and special
purpose boxes like hylafax servers etc...) for several reasons. Some of those
initial reasons have since become untrue, but the remainder
have remained.
I no longer think it's the "best engineered" distribution. I no longer get
much value out of yast. And with this news I can't exactly
continue to think it has the highest probability of staying the same over
time. Switching to the 6 month release cycle has already almost
killed me. It means now, _most_ of my live production boxes have _no_
official repos for me to install the occasional new requirement from.
Lucky me I've been maintaining my own mirror of every version I've used along
the way. I haven't gotten a functional bootloader install out
of the installer in years and I always have to do it myself from a shell in
the installer, except in the dead simple and utterly useless
case of a single-drive-desktop. The installer now installs a kernel that is
broken for server use, no matter even if you select the
text-only minimal system install.

But I have found tolerable ways to deal with the bootloader and
kernel-default vs kernel-desktop.

And opensuse build service is AMAZING.

SuseStudio is AMAZING.

I think rpms and the obs are way easier to use than the ubuntu launchpad ppa,
and I don't know if redhat/centos even has an equivaent of the
obs let along susestudio. obs and kiwi are open source so one could be set
up, but how much of the amazingness is the web front ends? How
much of that is available to copy or easy to re-implement?

So in my case I'm not actually doing much just yet. But I AM at least
thinking ahead. For my usage, I think my best bet if I were to switch
would be to Centos. I should and shall invest some time evaluating Centos and
maybe others from the redhat family, and perhaps one or more
of the debian family. And perhaps, since I already have to do so much myself
anyways, maybe for me there is really no longer very much value
in a full service distribution like suse anyways and I should just move to
arch or gentoo. More responsibility but more flexibility.

The point is the initial news about the sale is EXACTLY a valid reason to
begin this kind of preparing, and now is EXACTLY the time to at
least start this kind of thinking.

Not necessarily to do anything. You need a little more cause than that. But
neither is it smart to just pretend all is well.

Spot on.

If Vmware buys the linux portions, Its been my observation that they are not
particularly evil,
and have a history of providing free platforms (vmware server vmware player) in
support of their
paid packages (Workstation) and their high end bare metal software.

On the other hand Oracle is also mentioned, and if that comes to pass I'm gone.

RedHat is also mentioned, and you know damn well they would more or less shutter
SLES/SLED and probably jettison OpenSuee. They have done this with their own
community before.

So I do have to plan ahead, and I have customers running SLES today that have
no clue this is coming down the pike at them. Chances are they will be just
because SLES makes money.

Someone has managed to force a cancellation of a Webinar by Don Chapman, former
President of Novell Canada. Wagons being circled:

It may not happen at all. And the software will continue to run just fine
even if Novell ceases to be. No reason to rush into anything.
But If I worked for OpenSuse I would be at LEAST contemplating a Fork,
just as a user I'm contemplating different distros.

At one time I had a Real Sig. Its been downsized.
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