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Re: [opensuse] opensuse 11.2 USB HDD does not mount
  • From: Arun Khan <knura@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 18:18:45 +0530
  • Message-id: <201001081818.46024.knura@xxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 06 January 2010, David C. Rankin wrote:

I have experienced all kinds of weirdness with hal/dbus/policykit
and usb drives. I made headway by granting myself permissions in the
kde control center policy kit editor for removable drives and just
about everything else I could think of. (login as root, then grant
yourself permission to grant and change permissions, then you can
manage everything from your account).

However, before digging into policykit editing, perform a test with
"Dolphin" (of all things). Believe it or not, I have had good luck
with dolphin mounting usb drives (rw) for all users and once mounted
by dolphin, the drives are accessible via /media/disk,
/media/disk-1, etc.. in all other apps.

Another trick is to plug in the usb drive and then do "cat
/proc/partitions" to get a list of partitions available. Create a
temporary mount point under "mnt" NOT under "media", something like
"/mnt/usb" (as root or with sudo). Then just manually mount the usb
partition under that mount point with the command (as root or with
sudo) "mount /dev/sdb(1,2,3,etc..)" OR "mount /dev/sdb/<usbpart

Thanks for your detailed response and suggestions. The problem in my
case is that /dev/sdb does not show up in the "fdisk -l" listing at
all! From the /var/log/messages I posted, I think the problem is at the
device level.

I just attached the same UDB HDD to Ubuntu 9.04 desktop. It shows up on
the Gnome desktop as an USB device icon. When I click on the icon;
nautilus opens up and I can browse all the directories and files on the
HDD. This leads me to believe that the HDD (hw), the partition table on
the disk and the FS (ext3) is fine.

I am stumped :(

Arun Khan
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