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Re: [opensuse] dd - rsync question
  • From: "Brian K. White" <brian@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2010 01:59:52 -0500
  • Message-id: <4B404068.8010507@xxxxxxxxx>
Bob S wrote:
On Saturday 02 January 2010 01:59:55 Basil Chupin wrote:
On 02/01/10 22:45, Brian K. White wrote:
Bob S wrote:
Hello SuSE people,

I did a dd backup on my 11.2. Question is can I update it with rsync,
or more important could I restore certain files/directories using rsync?

Bob S
_what_ did you backup with dd? a filesystem? or a partition or whole
drive that might have more than one filesystem?
[rest pruned]

I don't think that the majority of people have the ability to place
themselves in the position of being the recipients of such requests and
therefore do not provide the obvious details necessary for respondents
to provide the answer(s). Unfortunate, but true.

What? is your friggin problem Basil ?? Your post is nothing but clutter and chaff and contributes nothing to the query.

His post may or may not have been strictly necessary, but it was not wrong at the time he wrote it, and it is still not wrong even now that you have tried and failed to answer my question about what exactly did you dd.

Your answer is self contradictory and nonsense.
So basically, though I don't have a problem with you personally and don't mean to be giving you a hard time, he was actually correct.

Just for the record is all... If you hadn't attempted to give him a hard time while being technically in the wrong, while he was technically in the right, I'd not have bothered to make an issue.
Since there was only two basic possibilities, and not an impractically large tree or possibilities, I just answered both and was happy to leave it at that. It makes a useful reference even for myself to consult later.

Hope you're not insulted.
I have no problem insulting someone when I think it's called for or when I just feel in the mood for it, but, I do like to follow Robert A. Heinlein's advice: "Never insult someone by accident."
And it's not my goal with you at the moment.
Just calling shenanigans is all.


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