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Re: [opensuse] Partition filled up
  • From: Bob S <911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2009 22:28:32 -0400
  • Message-id: <200910252228.32828.911@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 24 October 2009 14:23:58 Mike wrote:
On October 24, 2009, Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
Bob S pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Hello Suse people,

Running 11.0 with KDE3.5.

I keep getting constant warnings that my /home partition is 99% full.
Of course it is not. / partition is,..... according to

Anyone for ideas on how to figure out what is going on?

Bob S

I always cd to / and then use du -sk | sort -n to find the dir using the

I use du -k --max-depth=2 | sort -n

the -s gives you a total disk space used not by directory

ran it today and found that a NFS mount failed during a backup and it was
written to /mnt/Backup instead so I had an extra copy of /usr and /home
there instead of the external device.

Ken and Mike.

I ran the commands you each kindly provided me. The one Ken provided just
returned an "8036". I ran the command Mike provided and got hundreds of lines
which I don't understand. Boy, it took forever. Went and ate my supper while

Is that first part of the line the size in bytes? Here are the last 20 lines
and I will explain some about what is there:

2430176 ./10.2/usr
3247204 ./workspace
3333220 ./usr
3592832 ./10.3/10.2
3611508 ./10.2
4265584 ./datastorage/openSUSE-10.3-GM-DVD-x86_64-iso
4312556 ./home/bob
4397988 ./10.3home/bob
4547144 ./datastorage/openSUSE-11.0-DVD-x86_64-iso
4675400 ./10.3home
4798220 ./home
4871272 ./10.3usr
4987248 ./fat/usr
6607580 ./10.2home/bob
6625960 ./10.2home
6937992 ./fat
9374692 ./10.3/media
14131728 ./10.3
14512932 ./datastorage
75112312 .
Easystreet:/ #

We are seeing 3 different disks here. Any of those designated 10.2, 10.3.
workspace, and datastorage are on different drives. The one that concerns me
is the last entry the . partition.

Somebody can tell me what I am looking at here, please, and is the problem

Another dumb thought just occured to me. Does dd and rsync make temporary

Bob S

PS to Dave Rankin. I looked at every one of those log files.
PS to Anton. I also followed your advice to no avail. Nothing strange.
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